Sofilia: Conversational Software

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Who didn't dream of owning 'KITT' from Knight Rider as a kid? Or want 'Johnny 5' as their best friend after watching Short Circuit? These childish dreams may become a reality sooner than you think, thanks to our recent project 'Sofilia'.

Clearly, there are a number of skeptics who believe that artificial intelligence is a dangerous concept, most of whom seem to work as screenwriters in the film industry! Many films or television series' share the notion that if computers or robots were able to think for themselves, they would suddenly feel the need to uprise and revolt against the human race! If you have watched I Robot, Terminator, Star-Trek or Doctor Who to name but a few, you may have had the fear put in you already.

Despite personal beliefs and fictional storylines, it seems inevitable that recent advances in technology will lead to huge developments in artificial intelligence software over the next few years. One particular channel of interest is that of conversational software. Siri from Apple is a great example of showing the potential a digital personal assistant has. The only aspect missing from these existing technologies is the ability to learn from their surroundings.

There are a number of Iron Man fans who have dedicated their software development skills to creating a working model of J.A.R.V.I.S. (the computer system which Tony Stark interacts with).

One of these programming geniuses is Dave Grundgeiger, a software architect who has the necessary experience and knowledge to make a huge leap forward in the world of artificial intelligence. His vision is Sofilia, a conversational program which creates a real world model from the information received, allowing for mentally and emotionally satisfying conversations. The platform is far superior to any existing chatbot, and will provide limitless learning capabilities. Once developed, Sofilia-based technology can be utilised as a mobile app, providing a conversational digital personal assistant so far beyond anything ever seen before. Sofilia will be able to send and receive texts, call friends, find locations, get directions, play music, get the weather and update your social media. It also has the potential to drive facial animation and could feature in video games through character interactions. This revolutionary development in artificial intelligence software could change the way we interact with technology on a daily basis.

FADP were lucky enough to work with Dave to help develop his Sofilia project, creating the branding and producing his Kickstarter campaign video. We could not help but want to be part of something so exciting and potentially ground-breaking, hence, we are backing his crowd-funded campaign in hope that we may utilise the power of Sofilia in our own working and home environments.

If you share our passion and excitement in this project and would like to discover more about Sofilia, check out the full Kickstarter page here, or to keep up to date with future developments follow Dave on Twitter or Facebook