MCAC Hot-Air Balloon Testicles!

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With the Bristol Balloon Fiesta kicking off tomorrow, we were reminded of an interesting request we received from Team Rubber just over a year ago...

The Male Cancer Awareness Campaign required a giant set of CG hot-air balloon testicles! Their 'SkyBalls' project, fronted by Irish Comedian Chris O'Dowd, was looking to raise funds through the online crowdfunding website, with the aim of eventually physically constructing the enormous flying scrotum! 

Take a look at our short video showcasing the floating testicles in action! 

Unfortunately the project didn't really 'get off the ground' the first time around, which is disappointing as it would have been entertaining seeing the testicles effortlessly drifting in the Bristol sky! However, MCAC plan to relaunch the campaign on the 25th August. It's all for a great cause in challenging the taboos & embarrassment surrounding testicular cancer and we're fully behind the campaign.